CNN iReport for Huge Book Sale on Dec. 10

Learn a little about CNN iReport, check out a Read Tuesday article at CNN iReport, and, if you would like to support Read Tuesday, feel free to vote or comment while you’re there.


CNN iReport allows anyone to share their news story. You can write your own article and post it there, or check out what others have written. Vote on articles to help CNN decide which stories should be featured on CNN. Leave a comment on any article to start or engage in a lively discussion.

I posted an article about Read Tuesday, a Black Friday type of sales event just for book lovers on December 10, at CNN iReport. You can view it with the following link:

Feel free to vote on it or leave a comment there. If there is ample support from book lovers, perhaps CNN will cover the story. Even if they don’t, other users at CNN iReport may check it out.

Check out the Read Tuesday sample catalog:

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