Index for A Detailed Guide to Self-Publishing, Volume 1


By popular demand, I have made a comprehensive, 18-page index for Volume 1 of A Detailed Guide to Self-Publishing with Amazon and Other Online Booksellers. It’s available in PDF format and hosted on my Go Daddy website, (verified and secured). Naturally, the PDF file of the index is free. It can also be found from my WordPress site by clicking the “Index for A Detailed Guide” button on the index at the top of the page or the sidebar to the right. This will take you to:

Of course, the index is only relevant to the paperback edition. Anyone who has purchased this paperback without the index may find this PDF file useful.

In addition to adding the index, I’m also making a few minor revisions—like mentioning a few recent changes at CreateSpace and Amazon and correcting minor typos. (If you follow my blog, you’re already aware of these updates at CreateSpace and Amazon, as I’ve posted articles about them here.)

It will be another day or two before the revised edition is available for sale. There will be a note at the top of the description indicating when the new edition is available.

If anyone has a paperback edition without the index, and wishes they had the new edition with the updates and index (instead of just printing the PDF index), please contact me (via the Contact Me button, for example). I believe in customer satisfaction.

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