Marketing and publishing with Harry Steinman–farewell post:(

This is great advice. 🙂

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All good things must come to an end eventually I suppose. This is the farewell post of the marketing and publishing series with Harry Steinman. I would like to personally thank him for sharing his insight, humour and overall knowledge and experience with all of us over the course of these weekly posts. Harry! You are one of my very best friends. Would be lost without you. (Enough mush.) Put your hands together for Mr. Harry Steinman. If you are all really nice we might be able to get him back for a random guest post here and there:)

How to Break Into Amazon’s “Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store”


(Advice On Staying There, Not Included)


A Farewell Post By Harry Steinman




Anyone with a damned good book, blurb, and cover can have a Kindle best-seller, if only for a few days.

Is Kindle too…

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The Benefits of High Self-Esteem

These would be great thoughts for authors to keep in mind. In particular, points 4 and 7 would be really handy when reading reviews.

The thoughts at the end about negative attracting negative, and the benefits of positive thinking are excellent points to keep in mind every day.

B. Due

Author Becky Due

«  You will know who you are at your core

«  You will realize the power you have over your life

«  You will know where you’re going and how you’re going to get there

«  You won’t take things personally

«  You’ll have a better understanding and direction in your life

«  You’ll have better luck in finding healthy relationships

«  You’ll be able to forgive others and yourself more easily

«  You’ll stay clear of addiction

I think it’s ok if self-esteem fluctuates at times; we all go through those days when we’re just not feeling that great about ourselves. The key is to get back on track as quickly as we can. Negativity attracts more negative thinking about ourselves and others, while positive thoughts lead us to get out of the emotionally difficult times more quickly. Focus on your wonderfulness today! 🙂



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