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Book Marketing

There are millions of books to choose from; thousands in any genre or category. Only the top hundred thousand books sell once a day on average or better.

So how will your book ever get discovered? The answer is effective marketing.

This includes two parts: (1) marketability (the packaging—cover, blurb, and Look Inside—and content—writing and storyline that will lead to recommendations), to attract your target audience, and (2) marketing (your online and offline efforts to help people find your book), in order to reach your specific target audience.

Where to Begin?

  • Start with my free article, “Marketing: Why Isn’t It Working?” which provides a thorough introduction to important marketability and marketing concepts.
  • Marketing works best when you plan ahead. Check out, “Marketing Isn’t an Afterthought,” for a variety of pre-marketing ideas that can help give your book an edge.
  • One of the most important concepts of marketing is the notion of branding. I have two articles devoted to this: “Stages of Branding” and “The Four R’s of Branding.”
  • Browse the dozens of free articles below on a variety of topics, such as how to prepare for a reading or signing.
  • I created a free marketing opportunity called Read Tuesday. Check it out:

Free Articles

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