Cover Design

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Cover Design

The book’s cover is an important part of a book’s marketability:

  • A highly effective cover attracts the specific target audience.
  • It can help a book get discovered and drive traffic to the product page.
  • The image on the cover plays a significant role in branding an image.
  • An appealing cover can renew a reader’s interest in the book between sittings.

Where to Begin?

  • Before you publish your book, check out the “Cover Design Checklist.”
  • The “Indie Cover Mistakes” and “Cover Art Critics” articles also list several pitfalls.
  • Learn how to use color effectively in “The Importance of Color in Cover Design.”
  • “The Benefits of a Fantastic Cover: Worth the Cost?” may be helpful if you’re undecided about hiring a cover designer.
  • Browse through the free articles to see which topics may interest you, such as why readers judge books by their covers.

Free Articles:

Cover Design Checklist

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Finding and Using Stock Photos

Recommendations for Book Covers

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The Importance of Color in Cover Design

The Benefits of a Fantastic Cover: Worth the Cost?

Cover Fonts

The Importance of Facial Expressions for Authors

How to Find and Hire a Cover Artist

What Size Is Best for the Kindle Book Cover?

Kerning Fonts

How to Draw Golf, Silver, Brass…

Feedback on Cover Design

Cover Art Critics

Judging a Book by Its Cover

Indie Cover Mistakes

Book Fashion – Judging a Book’s Clothing

Getting Squeezed (images on the new Author Central page at Amazon)

What’s the Deal with Mannequin Covers?

Challenging How Big the Author’s Name Should Be

8 comments on “Cover Design

  1. Hi Chris – great site, awesome information!
    for a faith-based non-fiction book, do you think that having the author’s photo (prominently displayed) on the front cover is more effective?

    • That depends. If the author is well-known among the potential readership, it would be more effective. Or if the author expects most of the sales to come from personal interactions and marketing on a more personal level. Or if the photo clearly conveys the content or a relevant sense of expertise — such as a picture of a reverend in formal attire for a faith-based book.

      Otherwise, I would lean towards a cover with a relevant religious symbol or a strong heavenly image (which is a challenge to pull off, but can be done).

      Good luck.

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