Cool Sites

One Cool Site is a treasure trove of information that can help you blog more effectively. A visit to this site should be a prerequisite to blogging, and pros will find valuable tips there, too:

Chris, the Storyreading Ape is an avid supporter of authors. You see this in frequent posts that highlight what authors are doing along with information (and even a little humor) geared toward authors:

Ionia is another avid supporter of authors who frequently reviews books, both on her blog and at Amazon:

I truly enjoy Helen Valentina’s poetry. It’s worth checking out:

Charles Yallowitz’s poems are also worth checking out. He also provides an excellent example of how to effectively use a blog to market fiction books, and how to balance a variety of posts:

Nathan Shumate has two sites that are very instructive regarding cover design. Study the covers on these sites, the tags, and the comments.

Crimson League provides wonderful creative writing ideas:

Change It Up Editing offers great editing advice:

Speak Happiness is definitely worth a visit. Who couldn’t use more happiness?

aRVhEE features great poetry coupled with splendid imagery:

Just Patty is yet another of the many talented poets in the WordPress community:

Keli’s poetry is a real treat, and the accompanying photo is often just as good:

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