Ice Cold 2

Photos from Lyndhurst Castle in Tarrytown, New York (Sleepy Hollow)

This castle in Tarrytown is really cool. It sits on a hilltop overlooking the Hudson River. The area is famous for the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow.

My First Trip to Manhattan

A few photos of New York City.

Beautiful Rainbow at Sunset in Texas (with Secondary)

Primary and secondary rainbows east of El Paso, Texas.

2 comments on “Photos

  1. Hi Chris, Thanks so much for all of expertise you share with us newbies to self-publishing. I’m considering publishing through Bookbaby and still need to know so much. Now I’m told I have to have a professional photo done for the back cover of my novel. I sure hope they can airbrush it. ha. Great site and again, thanks.

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