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You can find dozens of free articles here with a variety of helpful tips to help you on your publishing journey.

Where to Begin?

  • Most new authors wonder which fonts can be used freely. The article, “Which Fonts Can You Use,” may help with this.
  • In addition to helpful tips, some articles may help with other challenges, like confidence. Check out “Positive Visualization for Authors,” for example.
  • Browse the dozens of free articles below on a variety of topics, such as why you should leave the publication date blank.

Free Articles

Which Fonts Can You Use?

Self- or Traditional Publishing?

CreateSpace & Kindle Keyword and Category Tips

Unpublishing, Republishing, and Updating Your Book

Publishing a Boxed Set

KDP Now Supports HTML Descriptions

The Indie Advantage

Turning Pro: Taking Indie Authorship to the Next Level

Where Are Your CreateSpace Sales?

Should You Self-Publish?

Indie Publishing Is Dynamic

To Pre-Order, or not to Pre-Order

How Many Books Should You Expect to Sell?

Publishing Tip: Change the Publication Date

Kindle Countdown Deals—Better than the Original KDP Select?

Learn Much about Self-Publishing by… Blogging

The Multi-Book Strategy

Updating a Book at CreateSpace or Kindle

How to Put Your Book on Sale

Kindle Countdown Deal—Limit One Per 90 Days

CreateSpace Discount Codes—Suddenly Better

Commuter Fiction: Making a Case for Short Kindle e-Books?

Changing Your Book Up Sales Rank: How Does it Work?

Author Central Description Reverting to KDP When Republishing

Positive Reading Experience

“Pretty Good for Being Self-Published”—Insult?

Why Don’t You Just Make Your Book Free?

Should You  Make a New Edition?

The Vulnerable Author

Don’t Just Throw Your Book out There

How to Change the Publication Date at CreateSpace

Kindle e-book Prices and Royalties

CreateSpace Royalty Math

Why You Want Fellow Authors to Succeed

International Kindle Prices & the 70% Royalty

The Most Common Yet Critical Publishing Mistake (?)

Series Changes with Kindle

Authors: You’re not Alone

Should You Publish with an Imprint?

About the Author Section—What it Needs

How Special Editions Can Help Authors

Benefits of Publishing a Paperback

Amazon Sales Rank—Why Does It Matter to Customers?

Positive Visualization for Authors

What to Do When Sales S-T-I-N-K

Meeting the Challenges of Self-Publishing

Karma for Authors Who Self-Publish

Traditional vs. Indie Publishing: Which Is More Rewarding?

Self-Publishing Success?

Self-Publishing Freedom (My Story)

What Authors Need to Succeed

Research: The Author’s Success Tool

What Does Every Writer Need to Succeed?

Wow, What an Amazing Book!

Authors: Dealing with the Downs

To Be Traditionally Published, or not to Be

How Do You Measure Your Self-Publishing Success?

Don’t Write Books: Create a Whole New World

Three – the Self-Publisher’s Magic Number?

Kindle MatchBook

Meeting the Challenges of Self-Publishing

Authors: How about a Mission Statement?

A Model for Pricing Books

Writing and Publishing Aren’t as Scary as They Seem

Publishing Is not a Dog-Eat-Dog Business


Rush, Rush, Rush to Self-Publish

Authors! Who Is Your Greatest Competition?

Book Royalty Fantasy Fun

Breaking the Genre Boundaries

Book Proposals for Indie Writers… What?

Book Trailer Advice (Book Video)

Self-Publishing Experiments

Authors, Do You Know Jack?

How to claim a pen name at Author Central

The Self-Publishing Lottery

Is a Book Worth More than a Greeting Card?

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