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Book Surveys

Please participate in one or more of the following surveys.

The results will be helpful to authors and publishers.

Encourage your friends to participate, too.

Current surveys:

How do you read e-books? Select all that apply.

Have you subscribed to Kindle Unlimited? Select all that apply.

How do your kids read books? Select all that apply.

How you do read books? Select all that apply.

How do you prefer to read books?

Where do you prefer to buy your e-books?

How often do you read?

How often do you read books from indie authors or small publishers?


The following surveys were replaced by newer surveys shown above.

These surveys are still running. You can still participate and you can still view the results.

How do you read Kindle e-books?(Select the best answer.)

Are you currently subscribed to Kindle Unlimited (as a reader)?

For parents: Do you let your children read e-books?

8 comments on “Surveys

  1. You need to add to quantity of books read per, I’m assuming, month? You could clarify that question as people could assume you mean month/year. A real ‘reader’ will have read much more than 5+/month. For example, I usually read at least 2/day. Also, you need to allow for more than 1 choice of reading devices. I, typically, use my Kindle Fire (60%), but very frequently use the Kindle app on my Android (35%), & less frequently use my PC app (5%). Same thing goes for my grandchildren (all 4 of them) who read many more than 5/month.

  2. I think the question asking how many ebooks you let your children read is misleading. I don’t have children so naturally I have to mark 0. The results showed that the majority of the poll takers chose that as an answer. It may be that they don’t have children. The results are not an accurate representation of parents letting children read ebooks. The answers should be changed to reflect that discrepancy.

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