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The book’s blurb is an important part of a book’s marketability:

  • Shoppers will stop reading the blurb if it doesn’t engage their interest in a few seconds. There are dozens of other books that interest them. Either your blurb looks like “the one” quickly, or it loses its chance.
  • The blurb has a few seconds to catch the buyer’s interest. Every few seconds, it must continue to engage the buyer’s interest. Disinterest = lost sale. That math is simple.
  • In addition to engaging the shopper’s interest, the blurb must show (better than telling) the reader that this book does match the content and genre depicted by the cover and title. When the audience that checks out the blurb differs from the audience for whom the blurb would appeal, this mismatch greatly deters sales.
  • Any mistakes with spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, word flow, vocabulary mismatch, level of writing mismatch, etc. tend to deter sales. Proofread your blurb carefully.

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