Anybody use Disqus?

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I read this fascinating and rather lengthy article about Amazon recently:

I rather enjoyed reading the article, but it concluded with a negative note about the quality of self-publishing.

So I decided to leave a comment on this. (Not an easy comment to make, I felt, as there are people who feel strongly about it either way.)

The site prompted me to join Disqus to post my comment.

Then I began to wonder if anyone I know uses Disqus.

If so, what do you use it for?

Disqus gave me the option to find people I know, so once I know who uses it, perhaps I can search for you there.

(I’m not looking for votes on my comment, by the way. Just looking for whom to connect with.)

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23 comments on “Anybody use Disqus?

  1. I use it because I couldn’t comment on VentureGalleries without it (I think they may have more options now). It is just another comment aggregator that sends me an email when I get a response. No biggie, no downside yet. At least a year of using it.

  2. I have used it occasionally but have forgotten my password! I do remember which e-mail address I used to register with so could get a reminder. It does annoy me the way in which certain sites insiste you use a particular platform for commenting. So long as the site has a means of separating genuine commenters from spammers I don’t see why they need to insist people comment using Discus!

  3. I have to use it to comment, which bothers me quite a bit, as there are some sites I’d like to comment on with different accounts, or as my book or blog. I like the tracking of who replies to you, but not the aggregation of all of my online presences. I don’t want the things I reply to about politics or business to seep into what I write about happiness. It’s getting harder and harder to keep the personal and the professional apart.

  4. I, too, was forced into using Disqus to leave comments on several sites and somehow got put on some lists for receiving comments in my email for articles or blog posts I did NOT comment on and can’t turn them off.

    I HATE Forced choices on social media. It’s a kind of tyranny that I resent mightily.


  5. Same here! Have had to use it in the past for commenting on newspaper articles, I think. It doesnt do anything else, I dont think, apart from enable comments to be left. I dont think its quite so common anymore though. I dont think I have been asked to comment via Disqus for a very long time.

  6. Yup, I am another who had to join to comment on one of my favourite blogger’s posts. I found it annoying and am now using it for to blogger’s pages. I get emails about discussions and disregard them. Too much work to leave a quick comment.

    • It’s kind of ironic, isn’t it? It’s so important for marketing to have an engaging, interactive presence, yet some businesses or writers choose to make it difficult to post a comment. Personally, I want it to be easy for people to comment on my articles (while also making it easy to filter out spam). Thanks for taking time to comment. 🙂

      • I agree Chris. After all, our objective it to post articles of interest, to attract readers, not to make it difficult and time consuming for them enough not to bother. 🙂

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