for traffic to slowly clear up.

for the light to turn green.

for the car ahead to run a red light because you will too.

for others to get out of your way.


for the line to move.

for some sign that you won’t stand still for an eternity.

for the person at the front to hurry up.

for the wonderful privilege of being next.


for your next break to come.

for your work day to end.

to finally get home.

to be even more bored at home than you are at work.


for the weekend to arrive.

to party Friday night.

to sleep in on Saturday.

to do work at home that you couldn’t finish during the week.


for an opportunity to present itself.

for luck to pay you a visit.

for special treatment.

for your dreams to come true instead of going after them.


for this poem to reach its end.

to move onto another blog.

to finish your daily reading.

to express your thoughts in the comments.


to meet the perfect someone, who doesn’t exist.

to live your life once you find someone to share it with.

for an external force to pull you away from the wrong someone.

for a reason to make a change.


for life to come to an end?

to discover you’ve wasted much of your life waiting?

to regret not making better use of time spent waiting?

for tomorrow to come? Yet it will always be today.

(You could read several good books in the time spent waiting…)

Copyright © 2014 Chris McMullen

10 comments on “Waiting

  1. Are we waiting in an attempt to find meaning in our ever changing state of existence? Or for something better and new? Here’s to the hope that the fleeting moment to follow this one will be better still.

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