Are You An Ethical Author..?

There is also an ethical author badge that you can display on your site (for those who adhere to the code, of course). This is a great step toward branding a positive image for authors.

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I came across a blog post referring to an ethical author code. This, I believe, is an excellent way to show your readers, potential publishers and fellow writers that you consider these principals to be correct and worthy of upholding. Displaying the logo will enable everyone reading your blog to be in no doubt of your responsibility to your craft and those who come into contact with you.

Will you adhere to the code?

Do you think it is a good idea, requires revision or unrealistic as a goal?

Ethical Author Code

Ethical author

Guiding principle: Putting the reader first

When I market my books, I put my readers first. This means that I don’t engage in any practices that have the effect of misleading the readers/buyers of my books. I behave professionally online and offline when it comes to the following practices in my writing life:


I behave with courtesy…

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4 comments on “Are You An Ethical Author..?

  1. I would never consider doing all the unethical things this is supposed to be against – but I don’t think it needs to be stated, or given a seal of approval.

    Either you are – or you aren’t. If you are not ethical, do you really think someone pointing this out is going to be 1) surprising you, or 2) causing you to change?

    The only time that would help is if everyone had these things, there were a tribunal where someone could accuse you of unethical behavior which had the power to judge and then remove your seal of approval, and anyone paid attention to the fact.

    I doubt it.

    The people who’ve been affected by the plagiarism of others have a horrible time with it. People who’ve been affected by unethical behavior in their publishers, large and small (Harlequin pulling the trick where the royalties go through a third party and vanish, etc.) have a horrible time proving it and getting any money – lawyers are expensive.

    This is a shiny distraction – it takes time and causes paperwork. It’s like a BBB seal. It won’t really mean the author has been investigated by a credible authority.

    I thought this when I first saw this on ALLI, and have no intention of spending time and effort getting certified.

    I DO plan on continuing to behave ethically.

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