Amazon Is Attracting New Kindle Unlimited Customers This Holiday Season

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When I visited Amazon’s home page today, there was a large advertisement to receive $40 off of a Kindle with a free six-month subscription to Kindle Unlimited.

That’s a compelling offer. It will surely create many new Kindle Unlimited customers.

It’s a temporary promotion, but it seems like a sign that Amazon may be working to bring more readers into Kindle Unlimited.

The readers will go where the authors are and the authors will go where the readers are.

Presently, there are 700,000 titles in Kindle Unlimited. It’s not all from KDP Select: There are about 100,000 books in Kindle Unlimited from smaller traditional publishers (including some popular titles, like Harry Potter).

If you love to read books, you can surely find worthwhile reads among those 100,000 titles from smaller traditional publishers or the 600,000 KDP Select titles.

There may be some indie authors pulling out of KDP Select because they aren’t happy with the $1.33 payout from October, 2014, but there are still many attractive authors and books in the program. No matter how many indies pull out, there are still 100,000 books from smaller traditional publishers (and those traditionally published books aren’t available through Amazon Prime).

The $1.33 also shows that the population of Kindle Unlimited customers is very large, considering that the KOLL Global Fund was $5,500,000.

Now Amazon is attracting new Kindle Unlimited customers this holiday season. The Kindle Unlimited readership will grow, and with free six-month subscriptions, many will use the program actively for half a year (and perhaps become hooked on it).

Here is another thing to consider: The more customers who subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, the fewer customers there are outside of Kindle Unlimited.

Authors must choose which side of the fence to stand on. It’s not an easy decision. I’m staying in KDP Select, as my sales have improved a little and my borrows are way up. Not every book is thriving in the program, but the potential is there.

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13 comments on “Amazon Is Attracting New Kindle Unlimited Customers This Holiday Season

  1. Kindle Unlimited offers a win-win scenario for both readers and writers.
    Readers can try out new authors without any financial risk, and unproven authors have a new venue for getting discovered.

    Geoff Jones
    Author of The Dinosaur Four
    (Available on Kindle Unlimited)

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