The Entertainment Society

Born bored. But easily entertained.

When bored, cry or nap. Try crying first.

Entertainment will usually come to the rescue.


Growing older, less easily entertained.

Need games, shows, friends, television.

Want something to do every second.


Sit through a lecture? Practice with drills? No way!

Learn through video games. Entertain during class.

Kiss good old-fashioned learning goodbye.


Teach students to rely on constant entertainment,

Not to learn how to cope without it.

Make entertainment the norm, not the treat.


In the waiting room at the doctor’s office

What do we do? Get out the cell phone.

Text, call, email, games, internet, apps.


The television is the centerpiece of the living room.

This potato needs some entertainment, please.

More t.v.’s in the bedroom, kitchen, and garage.


Not being entertained at the moment.

Cell phone battery died. No magazines.

So bored. So unhappy. Nothing to do.


Being entertained right now, but still unhappy.

So used to this entertainment. Need something more.

Will it ever be enough? Will always crave more.


(c) 2013 Chris McMullen

6 comments on “The Entertainment Society

  1. Yeah, the older I get, the less I give a fiddler’s fart myself. I’m bored all but when I’m creating something, honestly. I see it’s really the same for you, as you’ve sawed out this nice little diddy for us. Thanks! Enjoyed as I do your site.

  2. Last night I was at an amazing lecture. Lasted two hours and I was taking notes like crazy the whole time. The woman next to me, who was roughly my same age, was texting with friends the whole time. Why even bother going? Brains don’t multitask.

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