Read Tuesday: Like Black Friday, Except for Book Sales (It’s Going to Be HUGE!)

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(It’s Going to Be HUGE!)

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THE PROBLEM: Black Friday and Cyber Monday are huge days for holiday shopping among retailers. However, most customers are buying electronics, toys, tools, and clothing. Most of the millions of books to choose from won’t be advertised as part of the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales events, and most books probably won’t be discounted more than normal (except for any bookstores that choose to run storewide sales on those days).

Many books may sell fewer copies than usual because many customers are busy shopping for other items that are featured in advertisements.

However, many people love to read books and would enjoy the opportunity to buy discounted books as part of a big sales event. Authors and publishers would similarly love to have a great sales event like Black Friday, but dedicated to books.

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