How (And Why) To Give An E-Book

Misha Burnett submitted this article for the Read Tuesday website. Gifting e-books is quick and easy, any time of the year, as Misha shows.


How (And Why) To Give An E-Book

By Misha Burnett

Electronic books are a cheap and easy way to read. They are less expensive than printed books, often a lot less expensive, and they are convenient. Even people who do not use a dedicated e-reader like a Kindle or a Nook often have reader apps installed on their tablets and smart phones. Readers worldwide are able to enjoy their books wherever they are and carry whole libraries around in their pockets or briefcases.

Odds are, you know someone who uses an e-reader or a reader app on a regular basis. With the holiday season approaching we’re all looking for gifts for our friends and families. Gifting e-books is quick, there’s no shipping involved, and you can do it from home without braving mall traffic. What’s more, the major e-book retailers allow e-books to be exchanged for store credit, so if…

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