A Special Gift


It takes a special gift to…

…look inside and see the real person.

…avoid jumping to false conclusions.

…cause people to set aside their differences.

…enjoy the journey when forced to take a detour.

…get people to see beyond their prejudices.

…genuinely care about others.

…listen to your conscience under strong temptations.

…value other things more than money.

…admit that you made a mistake.

…confess to something that would meet disapproval.

…stand up for what you believe in.

…support someone in need against greater numbers.

…step aside when your effort would be wasted.

…judge people for the right reasons.

…act responsibly.

…ignore peer pressure.

…serve as a friend for someone who can use one.

…not offer unsolicited advice.

…count your blessings in tough times.

…help make the world a better place.

…appreciate the small things in life.

…make other people feel better.

…secretly do something noble for someone else.

…show open-mindedness toward others.

…realize that you’re not perfect either.

…believe that you’re special and worthy.

…follow your own advice.

…stay positive in tough situations.

…see good in others when it isn’t obvious.

…feel happy when things don’t go your way.

…remain calm throughout life’s challenges.

…be yourself.

…forgive others.

…do what your heart feels is the right thing.

…strive for your best and also be humble.

…realize that you can’t do everything and choose wisely.


These are gifts that anyone can acquire,

And gifts that can do wonders for the world.


Copyright (c) 2013 Chris McMullen


You know what else would make a special gift? The gift of reading. Literacy is another gift that can do wonders for the world.


Read Tuesday will be a golden opportunity to give the gift of reading in a Black Friday type of sales event just for books.




It’s going to be HUGE!

6 comments on “A Special Gift

  1. It would take a perfect person to have all these qualities, but it’s something to strive for. I enjoyed reading and thinking about the things I need to work on most. I think it is standing up for what you believe in so I dare to say I believe the special gift is the Holy Spirit.

    • To me, each gift by itself is special. Acquiring one, by itself, is meaningful. Trying to make the whole list might be an unreasonable expectation. 🙂 You have a fascinating interpretation.

  2. Overlooked: these gifts are free – you just have to want them and work for them, but you don’t have to expend a cent (except for the gift of reading – and that is a small amount compared to the size of the gift.)


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