20 Questions about Reading or Writing

Here is a great way to connect with other readers or writers. It’s presented in the context of Read Tuesday, but you can enjoy it even if Read Tuesday doesn’t interest you. 🙂



Author RLL. came up with the idea of exchanging 20 questions and answers that relate to reading or writing with fellow bloggers. RLL. presented this in the context of Read Tuesday, yet the idea would help to spread literacy, encourage reading, and connect book lovers together in any context.

If the idea of asking or answering 20 questions about reading or writing appeals to you, here are some ways that you can participate in this:

  • Exchange answers to 20 questions about reading with other bloggers. Post their answers to your questions on your blog. (It would be courteous to include one or more links with your post on their behalf.)
  • Check out RLL.’s original 20 questions by clicking here. These are answered by author Stephanie Stamm. Consider contacting RLL., Read Tuesday, or other bloggers, who may be willing to post your answers.
  • See 20 more sample questions below.

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