Followback Girl


Are you a followback girl?

If they like you, will you like them back?

If they follow you, will you reciprocate?

Are you an automatic follow?

Do you just click the follow button without even a glance?

Do you at least read the description to check them out?

Are you a selective follower?

Will they have to be your cup of tea to earn your follow?

Will your follow mean you’re in their target audience?

Are you criticized either way?

For selective follows: Why don’t you return the favor?

For automatic follows: Why don’t you make it meaningful?

New Electronic Stats Display 8000

Electronic Stats


Check out the new Electronic Stats Display 8000:

  • Instant real-time display.
  • Works 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week.
  • Includes international wireless connection.
  • Display multiple stats from any website.
  • Fully customizable display.
  • Programmable sound effects.
  • Translate to any of 36 different languages.
  • Built-in energy-saving AI circuit.
  • Online gaming provides odds and allows user to place bets.
  • Available as mounted wall unit or portable handheld device.
  • Optional holographic projector produces 3D images up to billboard size.

Features described for fully-loaded luxury model, and are optional upgrades on other models. Offer void everywhere and anywhere else prohibited by law. Please allow six to eight centuries for delivery.