New Year’s Resolutions for Writers

Happy 2014

What writing resolutions are you making for 2014? Here is a sample of goals that you might set:

  • A writing quota for books, stories, or articles that you will write. Set a reasonable expectation.
  • Marketing goals might include trying out new ideas, learning new strategies, or devoting more time to this task.
  • If you feel like you worked too hard in 2013, you might want to devote more time to family and find a better balance between writing, marketing, and family time.
  • You might want to devote more time to writing if marketing or other activities are cutting into your writing time.
  • The new year might be a good time to try out a new writing style or genre, or to develop some new characters.
  • Making an effort to get traditionally published, or switching over to self-publishing, are possible goals.
  • You might join a writer’s forum or book club, attend a conference, or get involved with a writing-related group.
  • A new year is always another opportunity to stay positive and deal with stress better.
  • Common resolutions, like exercising more and eating write, are valuable for writers, too, especially as we spend much time sitting at a desk.
  • Perhaps you’d like to read more books in 2014.

What are your writing resolutions for 2014?

Happy New Year!

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20 comments on “New Year’s Resolutions for Writers

  1. 1. To remember to eat while engrossed in my own writing.
    2. Fine tune my morning routine, so I can get to writing before noon.
    3. Continue on my ultimate goal of having a Ben & Jerry’s Flavor named after me, Windemere, or one of my characters.

    • That’s a great goal. I read several (very good, it turns out) indie books this year, and have quite a stack I’m looking forward to in 2014. 🙂 (That reminds me, I have to make some time to post a bunch of reviews…)

  2. fantastic resolution suggestions. Thanks! I feel they are all wonderful because they are concrete, realistic, and they depend on the WRITER alone, not on other people (in the way, say, resolving to land a agent depends on an agent agreeing to take you on).

  3. Definitely more time writing this year, which means scaling back on post lengths or numbers. There is so much time required for research, so there will be more time in the libraries and online bookstores. Also have to get my paperbacks onto shelves in town this year…not a long term resolution, but a short term goal.

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