Back to Normal

NormalMy blog should be returning to normal shortly. Now that Read Tuesday is coming to an end for 2013, you shouldn’t see Read Tuesday logos everywhere you turn or bump into Read Tuesday promotions all over my blog.

Now I will return my focus to posts on writing, publishing, and marketing, with a few other things mixed in (like some Vogon poetry), and maybe an occasional feeble attempt at humor.

But what is normal, anyway? I’ve never met a normal person in all my life. Writers. How normal are we? Maybe we shouldn’t even go there. And the characters we write about. Do some of your favorite characters have notable eccentricities?

So maybe normal isn’t the right word. Whatever the right word is, that’s what my blog is doing. It will be more like it was before it became what it was becoming. I’m sure that clears it up for you. 🙂

Chris McMullen, who isn’t promoting anything in this post 🙂