6 Star Rating at Goodreads… Umm…

Rating GR

The picture says it all:

  • Look under the author name.
  • Next to 1 rating, in parentheses, it shows 6.00 avg.

However, the rating isn’t above 5 stars on the book’s page at Goodreads.

This anomaly only appears on my Goodreads author dashboard.

Just thought I’d share this quirk.

Certainly not complaining about it. 😉

11 comments on “6 Star Rating at Goodreads… Umm…

  1. Deeply buried, in a 80,000 character section of code lies the line:
    if {count [book_rating]} = < 1
    then [avg] = 6
    else [avg] = {sum[book_rating]/{count[book_rating]}}
    /*Comments – For goodness sakes, throw the new books a bone*/

    I often hid different things in code while testing, sometimes i forgot to take some of them out! lol

      • I have to be honest – the example following code I hid after 8 weeks of testing/end-user testing read as follows (been awhile since I wrote code, so this is not exactly correct! I’m sure there is a colon, comma or exclamation point out of order, among many other errors – )

        !>error, 1, Message=[message_type=1]
        dim Message, “Did you Frickin’ even read the directions? GAWD! I’m so tired of doing training for you all – Do You Even Frickin’ Care?”

        The Frickings were put in so I could easily search/delete my moments of frustration – – – LOL

        I once embedded a ‘warning’ message that read, “Do you realize your salary is paid by tax dollars and you are too stupid to enter the correct form #?!? Taxpayers are funding your coffee breaks, gossip sessions and sub-par work ethic – Wait! You probably cheat on your taxes and don’t even care, eh?”

        ROFL – it’s quite easy to keep yourself entertained – as long as you remember to take out all the BS code you wrote in frustration…..

        I no longer do that kind of work – Quit before I got caught and fired…..LOL


      • “Frustration is the Mother of Creativity” –

        At least in my Rule Book – LOL – thought you, with your life experience, would get a kick out of my ‘Dark Programmer” side – 🙂

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