Why Does Your KDP Report Show all Zeroes?

Sales Zero

Showing All Zeroes

It’s now possible to see all zeroes across your month-to-date Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) sales report.

In the past, if you didn’t have any sales, returns, or borrows for a title, that title simply wouldn’t show up on your month-to-date report.

Things have changed with the introduction of the new KDP sales dashboard.

You may observe a discrepancy between your KDP sales dashboard and the KDP month-to-date report.


Evidently, when a customer buys the book, the sale shows in your sales dashboard, but the sale doesn’t show up in your month-to-date report until the payment is processed. There can be a significant delay.

As a result, something strange can now happen.

If a title that hasn’t yet sold in the current month suddenly sells, the order shows up on your sales dashboard and a string of zeroes shows up on your month-to-date report for that book at KDP.

You’ll see a zero for sales, returns, borrows, and freebies when this happens.

Eventually, once the payment is processed, one of the zeroes will change to indicate the sale.

It would have been interesting to notice this for the first time today, on Friday the 13th (with a full moon, even). 🙂

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