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Image from ShutterStock.

Image from ShutterStock.


I’ve discovered a few cool math websites recently, and thought I would share them.

I enjoy math and blogging, but see that they’re not so easy to find.

If you know of any others, especially here at WordPress, I’d love to check them out.


I discover a good variety of math-related posts at Mathemagical Site, from fun puzzles to math history to math puns. I enjoy it all.


I love pi, too! If you browse through older posts, you can find a lot of amazing 3D (and even 4D) geometric shapes. It’s a geometry lovers’ paradise. Back in 2D, you can find some cool tessellations, too.


This blog posts articles on other topics, but you’ll find math on Mondays. On the math posts, don’t just look at the picture of the chalkboard used as the featured image. Find the link called “Click here to read the math.”


There is a unique series of math puzzle here where you have to place the numbers 1 thru 12 in the top row and the left column, using logic and the basic principle of logic. If you’re having trouble getting started, check out the hints.


If you didn’t know I had a math blog, now you do. It’s called Improve Your Math Fluency (same name as my series of math workbooks, only I blog about a variety of math topics).


If you know of any more good math blogs, please share them. I’d love to check them out.

Write happy, be happy. 🙂

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7 comments on “Math Blogs

  1. I’m scared of math. I did it well enough to grad with honors form high school ,and college, but I seriously hate it. It changes every time I turn around, and it doesn’t make sense. How can Mon, Tue, and Wed be three days, but when you subtract their dates, it’s only 2?? See, doesn’t make sense.
    Thank God for people like you who like math, I need you!

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