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Image from ShutterStock.


I’ve discovered a few cool math websites recently, and thought I would share them.

I enjoy math and blogging, but see that they’re not so easy to find.

If you know of any others, especially here at WordPress, I’d love to check them out.


I discover a good variety of math-related posts at Mathemagical Site, from fun puzzles to math history to math puns. I enjoy it all.


I love pi, too! If you browse through older posts, you can find a lot of amazing 3D (and even 4D) geometric shapes. It’s a geometry lovers’ paradise. Back in 2D, you can find some cool tessellations, too.


This blog posts articles on other topics, but you’ll find math on Mondays. On the math posts, don’t just look at the picture of the chalkboard used as the featured image. Find the link called “Click here to read the math.”


There is a unique series of math puzzle here where you have to place the numbers 1 thru 12 in the top row and the left column, using logic and the basic principle of logic. If you’re having trouble getting started, check out the hints.


If you didn’t know I had a math blog, now you do. It’s called Improve Your Math Fluency (same name as my series of math workbooks, only I blog about a variety of math topics).


If you know of any more good math blogs, please share them. I’d love to check them out.

Write happy, be happy. 🙂

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Can You Be Jealous of Your Own Idea?


I’ve been looking at stats… which, of course, is a bad idea, and I advise against it… but it’s much easier to formulate this advice than it is to take it.

Comparing your own stats to what others have done is another bad idea… but it’s only natural to wonder… yet the better thing to do is to compare your current self to your former self.

What I’ve done is somewhat different. I’m not comparing myself to someone else.

Specifically, I’ve been comparing the stats for Read Tuesday to those of my own. (As you may have heard, Read Tuesday will be a Black Friday type of event just for books.) Bear in mind that Read Tuesday was only born about a month ago.

  • 850 following Read Tuesday vs. 1200 following Chris McMullen.
  • 300 Twitter followers @ReadTuesday vs. 100 @ChrisDMcMullen.
  • 550 Facebook page likes of Read Tuesday vs. 17 for Chris McMullen.

So, I’m wondering, is it possible to be jealous of your own idea?

Should I be worried about developing a split personality?

It’s not just the stats, either. Read Tuesday has the professional banner, a nice press room, a cool catalog, more pages, and a great deal of support.

My blog wants to be like Read Tuesday when it grows up. 🙂

Okay, it’s really all in jest; I’m not serious about this.

The support for Read Tuesday has been amazing, and I greatly appreciate it. I suspect that everyone involved in Read Tuesday, including readers and authors, greatly appreciates all the support, too. It’s what motivates me to put my time and effort into it. I feel far more comfortable promoting Read Tuesday than I do promoting my own books, especially since Read Tuesday can benefit a large number of people.

Try not to be jealous of anyone or anything, especially of yourself, and enjoy your weekend. 🙂

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