What Did Kindle Unlimited Pay for Pages Read in November, 2015?

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November, 2015 marks the first month that Amazon KDP is paying different royalty amounts in different countries for KENP pages read.

Here is the breakdown for November, 2015 by country:

  • United States: $0.00492 per page (US dollars). That’s an increase of 2.3% from October’s payment of $0.00481.
  • United Kingdom: £0.00327 per page (British pounds). That’s also an increase of 2.3% from October’s £0.003196.
  • Germany: €0.00425 per page (Euro). That’s a drop of 5.1% from October’s €0.00448.
  • France: €0.00458 per page (Euro). That’s an increase of 2.2% from October’s €0.00448.
  • Canada: $0.00608 per page (Canadian dollars). That’s a drop of 5.0% from October’s $0.0064. (Remember, these are Canadian dollars, not US dollars.)
  • India: ₹0.1075 per page (Indian rupees). That’s a drop of 66% from October’s ₹0.3163.

Are these changes to Kindle Unlimited pages read payments good or bad?

The most significant change occurred for India: KENP read for India dropped by 66% (from ₹0.3163 to ₹0.1075). As of today, 1 USD equates to 66.944 Indian rupees. So while ₹0.1075 may seem like a big number compared to $0.00492, it’s actually much less. Converting from ₹0.1075 (Indian rupees) to US dollars, it equates to $0.0016 per page read. (Compare this to October: The October payment of ₹0.3163 was equivalent to the US figure of $0.00481 per page read, using slightly different exchange rates from October’s reporting period.)

So we make about 1/3 the usual rate for Kindle Unlimited pages read in India, but every other country is within 5% of the US rate of $0.00492 per page. Why? It’s based on the local market. Whereas Amazon charges $9.99 per month for US subscribers to Kindle Unlimited, Amazon charges approximately $4 per month (after conversion) to customers in India.

Did you know that the population of India is approximately 1.3 billion, a close second to China’s 1.4 billion? Compare that to the United States, in third position with 0.3 billion. There are a lot of potential readers in India, but their subscription price is 2.5 times less. So the per page rate is now much less, too.

The US rate is slightly higher this month, and no doubt it’s because Amazon is paying different rates in different countries. India went down; the US went up. There was compensation.

I see positive indicators for Kindle Unlimited again this month:

  • The payout rose to a record $12.7M. That’s up 2.4% from October’s $12.4M payout. That’s a sign of either more subscribers or more pages read by the average customer. Either way, more pages are being read. Isn’t that what authors want? Our pages to be read?
  • The US pages read rate increased 2.3%. Although this is likely due to redistributing the payout by country (i.e. compensation for the significant reduction in India), it’s still nice to see the rebound.

Does it strike you as odd that Amazon is paying $0.00492 per page in the United States? It’s a mere $0.00008 per page from being $0.005. Wouldn’t $0.005 per page have psychological value? But while $0.00008 would scarcely make a difference to most authors, it would have cost Amazon approximately $200,000 to raise the per page rate from $0.00492 to $0.005.

Write happy, be happy. 🙂

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