Self-Publishing Education & Textbooks on Kindle via Amazon KDP

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Amazon recently added a quote from me to their KDP website for Education & Textbooks. Check it out here:

(Thank you, Amazon.)

I started out self-publishing print books with CreateSpace in 2008. Back then, Kindle wasn’t a very good fit for most textbooks.

Textbooks tend to have many pictures, equations, bullet points, and other kinds of rich formatting, which makes the transition from print to Kindle a challenge.

Amazon’s solution to this problem is the Kindle Textbook Creator.

The main benefit of the Kindle Textbook Creator is convenience. It’s actually PDF friendly, and preserves the layout of your print book.

It’s good for textbooks and other books with many images or rich formatting. (It’s not good for a novel.)

The trade-off for convenience is that since one printed page fits on the Kindle screen, and since many customers have a fairly small screen, the e-book is designed to work with pinch-and-zoom, and it won’t be available on all devices.

There are other factors to consider, too. For example, using the Kindle Textbook Creator allows you to embed audio or video, which is great for educational books (but these features will only be available to customers who read your book on a third-generation or newer Kindle Fire device).

I have a free article on using the Kindle Textbook Creator:

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11 comments on “Self-Publishing Education & Textbooks on Kindle via Amazon KDP

  1. I need to do this for my children’s books. The illustrations are positioned at pretty exact points in the story, so I’ve always had trouble publishing them on Kindle. This might help. Thanks for the share, and congrats on having your quote shared by Amazon 🙂

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  3. Before I buy your book, I am producing a textbook adapted from the print version and when I looked at the preview the print was too small and the margins on most pages too wide. I had the print version first converted to pdf brcause it has too columns and a number of diagrams. A simple step now would be to crop the margins in the pdf, but how? Does youf book or any other source give a simple way to do this?


    • I don’t have a book that describes how to use the textbook creator, but there are a couple of free articles on my blog that describe the basics of using the textbook creator. If you want to crop the margins, you would ideally do this before converting to PDF. Most customers pinch and zoom to read etextbooks from Amazon.

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