Kindle Unlimited per-page rate for January, 2018

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In January, 2018 the Kindle Unlimited per-page rate was $0.00448.

It has dropped down a bit, after a steady climb for several months, which culminated in a brief appearance above half a penny per page ($0.00506) in December, 2017.

It isn’t unusual for the per-page rate to drop from December to January:

  • December, 2016 paid $0.00524, dropping to $0.00457 for January, 2017.
  • December, 2015 paid $0.00461, dropping to $0.00411 for January, 2016.
  • Prior to that, KDP Select didn’t use the per-page model, yet it was still common for January’s royalties to drop compared to December.

So you shouldn’t PANIC. This is normal.

Why does January typically pay less than December? Amazon sells a ton of Kindle devices for the holidays, and many customers try their free month of Kindle Unlimited. More customers are probably reading a high volume of pages at this time, too. Whatever the reason, the per-page rate is still looking good compared to six months ago, when it had dwindled down close to $0.004 per page. Amazon introduced KENPC 3.0 and the per-page rate recovered nicely. It’s still up 12% over that low point.

On a related note, the KDP Select Global Fund hit a record high, $20.9 million, the first time it has ever climbed over $20 million, and up a clear million from December.

So even though the per-page rate is down, Amazon still paid a million more dollars in royalties for Kindle Unlimited (and Amazon Prime) borrows of KDP Select books (and that’s on top of what they paid for sales, and also on top of the All-Star bonuses which are awarded separately).

Two years ago, January, 2016, the per-page rate had dropped down to what was at the time a record low (and it has since only returned to that point once). In comparison, January, 2018 is looking pretty good. While it has taken a typical drop from December, bear in mind that December was at a relative high, a rare appearance above $0.005. It’s more that December was unusually high than January is atypically low.

Write more books, write engaging content, learn effective long-term marketing strategies, and little fluctuations in per-page rates will hardly seem to matter.

Write happy, be happy. 🙂

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Chris McMullen

6 comments on “Kindle Unlimited per-page rate for January, 2018

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  3. Thanks, Chris,
    Quick question, is the unlimited royalties paid at the same time as your ebook sales? I see the chart showing the data, yet when they make their payment to me there is no breakdown. Thanks

    • They do pay for sales and pages read together. In both cases, the payment comes about 60 days after a month ends. So, for January, you would receive a payment near the end of March.

      The sales dashboard and month-to-date reports don’t show earnings for pages read because Amazon doesn’t reveal how much you will earn for each page read until the 15th day of the following month.

      The prior months royalties report does show earnings for Kindle Unlimited, but not until the 15th day of the following month. You have to generate a report to see this data, then look at the bottom to find tabs for additional pages: one is called KENP Read.



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