The KOLL Payment is up 6 Cents per Borrow

KU Trends 2


For the first time since the launch of Kindle Unlimited, the KOLL payments have risen.

Only by 6¢ per borrow. But a step in the right direction.

Kindle Unlimited downloads read to 10% (and all Amazon Prime borrows) paid $1.39 per borrow in November, 2014.

KU Trends 2b

Amazon launched several new Kindles this 4th quarter, they were giving away Kindle Unlimited subscriptions early in Black Friday week, and they have an option to gift Kindle Unlimited subscriptions. All these new Kindle Unlimited subscribers will lead to many Kindle Unlimited downloads for the next 2-3 months.

This means there will be many customers reading books via Kindle Unlimited, but it also means that the payout for the KOLL Global Fund probably won’t rise significantly at least until March, 2015.

The question remains: Is it better to be in KDP Select, or out? Personally, I like seeing a large number of subscribers actively reading books in Kindle Unlimited, even if the KOLL payment has decreased somewhat from the days where it was only Amazon Prime. My sales continue to improve slightly overall each month, and the KU downloads are a sweet bonus, even at the lower royalty. Not every book is thriving in the program, but many are.


Like Wall Street, but just for Kindle finances. (I made this up, by the way.)

We don’t care about the dow. We care about the ku.

We invest our books in the ku.

And hope to see a return on our investment.

Chris McMullen

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