What Do You Do When It’s Freezing Cold? (Riddle)

Polar Vortex

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It has four letters, but it’s not a bad word.

It can get your mind off the weather and take you to another world.

It’s something to do all by yourself.

It’s fun for ages zero thru infinity.

It (probably) doesn’t require transportation.

It’s an activity that more people should do more often.

It’s about to be spoiled, so if you don’t want the answer yet, don’t look down.

It’s read and you should do it today. 🙂

Copyright © 2014 Chris McMullen

Riddle: What Does Every Writer Need to Succeed?


It’s not a pen because you could use a pencil or a computer.

It’s not a medium on which to write because the writing could simply exist in a bard’s mind.

It’s not a brain because that doesn’t distinguish a writer from any other art form.

It’s not lucky underwear because this job is clothing-optional.

It’s not a dictionary or thesaurus; although these come in handy, they aren’t always needed.

It’s not an audience because it is possible to define a new genre and gather a new audience.

It’s not money, as a writer can start out empty-handed and become successful.

It’s not writing instruction; while it does help to be well-versed, it is possible to become fluent through avid reading, for example.

It’s not praise, since although most writers would like it, the road to success is often paved with much criticism.

It’s not criticism because it’s already spurious and not everyone benefits from it.

It’s not an agent or great connection, which may help, as some writers have succeeded without this.

It’s not research, though it can be a big asset, since it can be compensated or trumped by a huge imagination.

It’s not imagination because many writers succeed with small changes to what’s already out there.

It’s not a pet squirrel, yet it’s highly recommended.

It’s simpler than all that, and everyone can have it. It’s passion.

Writing without passion. Is it worth reading? Was it worth writing?

Copyright © 2014 Chris McMullen