This is the Title of This Self-Referential Blog Post

This is the first sentence of this blog.  Here is the second.  The sole purpose of the existence of this statement is to declare that this blog is written in self reference; this expression explains that a sentence written in self reference refers to itself.

This statement is bold.  THIS UPPERCASE EXCLAMATION CRAVES ATTENTION!  Why is this question italicized?  The answer, or lack thereof, is underlined.  this sentence which is not capitalized lacks punctuation

This powerful sentence commands you to read it.  This shy sentence hopes that you don’t read it, but if you do, begs that you will read it very quickly and then not read it again.  This mean sentence suggests that the previous sentence is not really shy, but is actually craving attention because if it were truly shy, surely it would not be so long.  This apathetic remark doesn’t care.  This depressing thought regrets that it was written.  This philosophical comment believes that it has always existed, but only materialized physically when the author typed it; and also believes that it will continue to exist long after every trace of it has vanished from the universe.

Can a question answer itself?  Can a question answer itself?  Is this question rhetorical?  Yes!  What is the point of this question?

Thissentenceshasnospaces.  Ths n hs n vwls.  Tthhiiss oonnee aappppeeaarrss iinn ddoouubbllee.  This one is written twice.  This one is written twice.  Th;is o,n,e i/s fu-ll o’f pun(ct)ua!ti?on.

This paragraph no verbs.  How that possible?  Where the verbs?  This paragraph sort of like madlib without the blanks.  Please some verbs here.

Two fragments can.  Make a whole sentence.  This run-on is like the Energizer bunny it just keeps on going and going and going and you might want to look ahead to see if it will ever stop and see if there is a period coming because it could wind up being like a bottomless pit once you begin reading it you might wind up reading it forever if it doesn’t have an end and then you would spend an eternity stuck in an infinite blog which would just be awful but fortunately there is an end in sight and here it comes.

This personified sentence, which suffers from anxiety, timidly expresses the hope that you, the reader, have enjoyed this blog.

The last sentence of this blog acknowledges its creator, Chris McMullen, who is the self-published author of A Detailed Guide to Self-Publishing with Amazon and Other Online Booksellers

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