Blogging Style

Checking out one another’s blogs, we see that we have unique blogging styles. Some bloggers have a very clear blogging brand. Do you recognize some bloggers just from a glimpse of the heading and picture, without having to check out the photo or name to see who posted it? These bloggers have already established a recurring theme, such that all of their posts look similar.

Have you ever visited a blog where a quick inspection of the homepage tells you precisely what the blogger does besides blogging? Sometimes, it’s obvious that a blogger has a hobby of photographing landscapes or that the blogger loves to write children’s books, yet there is no advertisement. These bloggers have developed themes that clearly match their passions.

Are there any bloggers where you know in advance what to expect from their posts? Maybe they always post poems, quotes, jokes, or essays. These bloggers have achieved a brand through consistency.

Do you know any bloggers who show variety in their posts and often surprise you? Their creativity might arouse your curiosity.

With every award nomination, bloggers post a list of other blogs that they like. I would like to thank those of you who have nominated my humble blog. Awards might not be my thing, but I was thinking, I can still share some blogs that I like. It shouldn’t take an award to get us to acknowledge some other blogs and what we like about them, right?

There are many blogs that I like, and thousands of good ones that I have yet to discover. Please allow me to highlight a few that exemplify a variety of blogging styles (since that is that theme of this post), and please don’t be offended if I didn’t mention your blog. Chances are that I really like your blog, too, even if it’s not on this list (and if I’m a follower or occasionally like your posts, that is, in fact, the case – because I only like and follow when I truly like the blog).

There are also a few blogs that look very nice, but which I don’t choose to like or follow because they primarily involve a topic, sometimes controversial or adult-oriented, which I generally don’t read. It’s not because I dislike these blogs, they just don’t happen to coincide with my interests. I hope you understand. I always check out the blog of anyone who checks out my blog.

Again, this is not a contest where I’m ranking my favorite blogs. I picked a few blogs that happen to represent varied styles. If your blog isn’t on this list, it’s not because I don’t enjoy it very much and it’s not because it’s not among my favorites.

(1) I recently discovered Ashley Bollinger’s blog. Check out the consistency in the style of headings that she uses on her homepage. One of her recent posts includes tips for better blogging.

(2) Robert’s blog consistently features some cool geometric objects.

(3) There are several poetry blogs that I follow where the artwork and poetry are both amazing (in my humble opinion). For example, look for one of the poems posted on Keli’s blog to see powerful emotions correlated between the image and the poem.

(4) Julie Farrell has a very positive blog. The internet and world can certainly benefit from more people spreading positivity like this.

(5) Nhan-Fiction often posts little motivational statements that can help provide some needed inspiration.

(6) Natalia Marks features nice photography. She often has a picture of the day.

(7) Mandy Eve Barnett usually starts out with a definition, which gives her style a little signature.

There are many other blogs that I regularly enjoy, too. Remember, my goal was to show some variety, not to list all of my favorites.

6 comments on “Blogging Style

  1. Wonderful. Blog awards aren’t my thing either, but I have done the same and just selected a few for others to see. Great to see some new blogs to check out, thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for including me on your list! 🙂 I really enjoy writing my blog, and it makes me so happy when people say they find it enjoyable to read!

    I’m always hungry for the tips and techniques you post about being an indie author – thank you for being so prolific with your posts! Being a writer can sometimes be an isolated activity, so it’s great to have you popping up in my inbox a couple of times a week, reminding me of the supportive community that I’m a part of!


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