It’s a Smaller World Thanks to Blogging

Small World Pic

You can wake up in the morning and read a poem that was just posted in New Zealand.

You can post a picture and receive a Like from someone in Sweden.

You can Follow a poetry blog maintained in China.

You can comment on an essay prepared in Turkey.

You can translate an article that was written in French.

You can receive an email from someone in Peru.

You can check your stats and discover countries you had never heard of before.

You can discover recent news from the Middle East.

You can share a link with people in Ireland.

You can see how many Views your blog has from Mexico.

We are so far away in person, yet so close online.

We have differences, yet there is so much that we share.

We are brought together through our blogs and common interests.

It’s a smaller world thanks to blogging. 🙂

PHOTO CREDITS: The photo of the earth is from NASA’s image gallery. See NASA’s image use guidelines. NASA did not participate in the writing or posting of this article. The text that was added to the image was added by Chris McMullen. But please feel free to spread this message. 🙂

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