Freshly Pressed: Thank You, WordPress!

Thank you for including my recent post, “Once Upon a Time,” in Freshly Pressed. (First time!)

Thank you for the kind words you wrote in your email notifying me that I was being Freshly Pressed. (Even made specific comments!)

Thank you to all of my followers. (Your support is awesome!)

Thank you for every Like. (Each one brings a smile!)

Thank you just for viewing a post. (Each view is much appreciated.)

Thank you, great bloggers. (I enjoy reading your posts.)

Thank you to the entire WordPress community. (You help make this the best website there is.)

Thank you, WordPress, for providing this very positive website and founding this wonderful community. (I love it!)


Thank You Pic

25 comments on “Freshly Pressed: Thank You, WordPress!

  1. Congrats!! I saw this earlier today – so exciting. I suppose I should call you – Your Royal Fresh Pressed Highness;). I like that – it has a nice ring to it;)

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