Nutty Search Engine Results (on my WP Stats Page!)

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If you’re familiar with my blog, consider whether the phrase “headless horsman [no e!] nude” should match anything in my WordPress blog. (I added the [no e!] part myself to emphasize that I do know how to spell the word correctly.)

Well, I was checking the search engine results on my site stats page at WordPress, and that was one of the search engine terms that someone used and not only found my blog in the search results, but even clicked on it.

I’m afraid if the searcher was looking for anything “nude,” they must have been gravely disappointed. (Of course, now I’ve used that word twice in this post. I hope I haven’t created any future disappointments.)

The funny part, to me, is that the search term misspelled “horseman,” has another word that totally doesn’t apply to my blog, and still pulled up my blog in the results (and there were only three words in the search).

Curious, I went to Google and tried this search myself. I was persistent enough to find my blog on page 9 of the results. However, I deliberately didn’t click my search result: Since the result clearly isn’t relevant, I didn’t want Google to get any crazy ideas. (Well, now if everyone reading this blog post does this, I guess I’ll be responsible for creating mayhem after all…)

Ordinarily, the search terms make sense. For example, I see search terms like “image compression Word,” which actually is a topic of one of my posts.

Have you figured out which of my previous posts might be a search result for “headless horsman nude,” (remember, there was no ‘e’ in “horseman”)? It was the post on Lyndhurst Castle, from when I attended a wedding in Tarrytown, New York. (I hope this silly post doesn’t start showing up in the “Lyndhurst Castle” search results now. If it does, I guess they can always click on the link below to my other post.)

I reread the post, but don’t see any e-less horsemen… You can see the rear end of the statue in the foreground of one of the castle images, but I don’t believe I used the word “nude” anywhere…

Good grief! 🙂

16 comments on “Nutty Search Engine Results (on my WP Stats Page!)

  1. It was said Ichabod’s hat was the only article of clothing that was found of him.. some say that was truly all that he was wearing… re: nude.. PS… Living in Westchester County almost all my life.. I do seem to recall one version of the “Legend” that had Ichabod stripping away his clothing.. in order to lighten himself as to speed up his horse.. But.. then again… that was before even my time. 🙂

  2. I love looking through my search results stats! My favourite search that led someone to my blog this week was, “it’s not the dazzling voice that makes a singer. or clever stories that make a writer. and it’s not piles of money that make a tycoon” 🙂

  3. When will this Google keyword SEO nonsense ever end? So to appear popular on this search engine you just sprinkle in a lot of known attractors? Now we watch out for the e-less back-link man!

  4. Great post, Chris. I often have a little laugh at some of the search terms that appear to have directed people to my blog. I am guessing that Google is looking at the comments on a post as well. There is obviously the occasional lewd comment that appears on my blog, which could perhaps explain terms not related to the post itself being directed to certain posts for me.

  5. Humph. Very interesting. I must say that I missed the nude headless dudes. Dang. Can you re-blog that one???? 😉

    I have gotten some strange stuff, too. What can I say? We must really be cool!

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