If you were in charge of Time…



They gave you the keys

To calendars and clocks;

Change them as you please.


You make weeks six days long,

Not seven. You remove Wednesday:

No more hump can’t be wrong.


Just four weekdays per week;

We still have two-day weekends.

Will that give you the time you seek?


Sixty-one weeks in a year,

Instead of fifty-two;

Reason enough to cheer!


Instead of one extra day,

Leap Year, every four years,

You do something different. Yay!


Three out of four years,

You eliminate one Monday.

It’s music to our ears.


The twelve months you keep,

But make each five weeks long;

And make them all thirty days.


When week sixty-one comes,

It doesn’t belong to any month.

It’s time to bang the drums.


The sixty-first week marks the time

For standard holiday vacations.

That’s the way the clock should chime.


Work eight hours per day,

Thirty-two hours per week;

More time for us to play.

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