Cyberbullying rap, verse or poem…anyone???

All you poets out there… Here’s a call for a poem of support. 🙂

Traces of the Soul

li-samsung-7171Now this is a weird request. I waited until the candle vigil ofWorld Suicide Prevention Day,  passed as I wanted to keep that post on my front page.

I am asking if anyone would like to share a jingle, a rap or a short poem on cyberbullying. At my work we are preparing for our regular newsletter each month and the themes vary. September was anxiety and back to school ( which I was even interviewed by the Montreal Gazette!). October is dating (probably touching violence to promote awareness on unhealthy relationships) and November is Cyberbullying. We had a teleconference meeting yesterday and ME being the only one not in that Toronto office opened my mouth…again.

My brainstorming offering was how youths need to be careful not to “click Like or share” too much otherwise it would go viral. So the viral and clicking seemed to interest…

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