Numbers Poem (Counting to Ten)

Numbers Poem Pic

Zero is the hero; he saved us all.

One is fun; she always has a ball.

Two is new; he was born yesterday.

Three is free; she loves to play.

Four is a bore; he doesn’t like to talk.

Five is alive; she enjoys a good walk.

Six is in a fix; he doesn’t know what to do.

Seven is in Heaven; she never has the flu.

Eight is great; he often lends a hand.

Nine is divine; she sings in a band.

But it’s ten who is going to win.

Copyright (c) 2013 Chris McMullen

Should any educator wish to use this poem, “Numbers Poem (Counting to Ten),” for non-commercial, instructional purposes, it may be used freely for this purpose. (You’re welcome to replace the words “Heaven” and “divine” with other words in case these do not suit your needs or preferences.)

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