Reblog: Better to Delay?


When you write what you feel is a great post and see a few early reblogs, that show of support is wonderful.

How about that delayed reblog that comes days, weeks, or even months later?

Did this person miss the party?


Is the delayed reblog even better?

I’ve received a couple of delayed reblogs lately (thank you very much), and personally I love it.

It revitalizes your post.

Early reblogs may help your topic look like it’s trending now—wow, that looks popular.

But they can also look a bit spammy, especially as many bloggers share many common followers.

Those common followers also mean that readers see all of those reblogs in the same window of opportunity.

The delayed reblog helps to reach readers who were inactive during the original post.

Of course, if you intentionally delay, you may forget to reblog, you might not find the post again, or you might get wrapped up in your other work, as busy as we are.

Save the post to your Favorites on your browser. That will make it easy to find later. If you like the post enough to reblog it, you surely like it enough that you might want to hunt it down several months from now, in which case it will be really handy on your Favorites list.

What do you think?

Reblog now or reblog later?

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13 comments on “Reblog: Better to Delay?

  1. I actually asked myself this the last time I reblogged. I decided that reblogs can do both. If I think I can reblog now and possibly reach my tiny audience that follows my own blog (which in theory is a different audience than the original poster’s blog) then it is now. I personally find new blogs to follow when my reader displays reblogs. I don’t follow many at the moment. So, I appreciate the reblogs I see.

    If it is bring attention to a post that is significant, I think I’ll wait until later.

    Either way, I try not to over use the reblog. My followers may not appreciate seeing the same post over and over. I move on to FB or Twitter for sharing! 😉

  2. Excellent point. I wondered about reblogs and their effectiveness. It seems they get ignored rather easily, but maybe the ‘swarm’ causes it. Even waiting half a day can help bring reader attention in. Though I always wonder how to remember. Maybe bookmark the posts one wants to reblog (as long as they aren’t urgent) and do it on a planned day?

  3. As slow as I am with reading mail, sometimes I will reblog things late…don’t think about it though, just do it. I figure I have folk following me that don’t follow the original blogger so the date really doesn’t matter. It’s just that I feel it worthy enough to want to share it.

  4. I often gather up interesting articles from other blogs and reblog them later – it allows me to give my authors articles time to be seen and appreciated before introducing a new article, plus, it can draw people into my blog (which they then explore) PLUS (and this is the BIGGIE) it supports my fellow bloggers 😀

  5. I use reblog if the topic is something I think my readers need to know or would like to see. I end up “liking” posts so I can come back and reblog them when it fits into my schedule. I wish there was a schedule option so I could write my thoughts into the post and save it all together for later. I think reblogging later brings more traffic to the original post and spreads information out instead of everyone posting about the same topic at once.

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