Golf Joke (featuring King Arthur, Merlin, and Tiger Woods)

Golf Hole

King Arthur is bored, so Merlin brings him to the 21st century for a round of golf.

They come to a long par 5. It’s a dogleg left, wrapping around the driving range.

Merlin tees off first. He takes the safe route, hitting his ball right down the fairway.

Hoping to take a shortcut and reach the green in two, King Arthur aims his drive across the corner of the driving range.

Unfortunately, the shot comes up short and his golf ball winds up inside the driving range.

Merlin says, “Come on, Arthur, just hit a safe shot down the middle.”

“No way,” replies King Arthur. “If Tiger Woods can cut this corner, so can I.”

So King Arthur gives it another try. Again, his shot comes up short, ending up in the driving range.

Merlin repeats his advice to just play it safe.

But King Arthur insists that he can cut the corner just like Tiger Woods.

Once again, King Arthur’s drive winds up in the driving range.

Merlin hands King Arthur a suit of armor. He tells King Arthur to go retrieve his golf balls.

A golfer on an adjacent hole happens to pass by Merlin in search of his own golf ball, when he sees a knight in shining armor wandering through the driving range.

Upon seeing this ridiculous image of a knight walking through the driving range, the golfer asks Merlin, “Who does that guy think he is? King Arthur?”

Merlin promptly replies, “Nope. He thinks he’s Tiger Woods.”

Copyright © 2014 Chris McMullen

Notes: This is a little twist on a classic golf joke involving Jack Nicklaus, Jesus Christ, and Moses. I got the inspiration when I lost a ball in the driving range and my dad suggested that I could retrieve my ball if only I had a suit of armor handy.

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