The Value of Your Book

Value Book

What’s Your Book Worth?

Your book. The idea you conceived, nurtured for months, and eventually gave birth to. The book you love and defend like it’s your baby. Thousands of words written passionately. That you slaved over. So that others might find some joy, entertainment, emotions, wisdom, or knowledge for your effort.

That book. What’s it worth?

It’s worth much more than any buyer will pay to read it.

Its value far exceeds the royalties that you will draw from it.

It’s definitely not worth any painful criticism.

So why do we writing artists suffer through months and years of labors to write books. Earning in many cases less royalty than the cost of a cup of coffee. Suffering sometimes harsh criticisms.

It’s because your book has value that extends well beyond royalties and reviews.

Your book has value as a work of art.

Your book has value to you as a complete and meaningful project. And a book is no small undertaking.

Your book has value to the niche audience who discovers it.

Art is meant to be shared, and finding your target audience, big or small, is a wonderful thing in and of itself.

Your story is a work of art. Craft it until you feel like it’s a masterpiece.

Frame it with editing, formatting, front matter, back matter, and a cover fitting the artwork.

Even your blurb and marketing are art forms. See the art in this and they become part of your passion, a hobby and not a chore.

Marketing isn’t advertising and business to the artist, it’s sharing your passion with others.

Art is the self-published author’s advantage.

We have no overhead. We’re not a business. We’re creating works of art to share with others.

Art’s value goes way beyond dollars. We create art for art’s sake. The rest is just gravy.

Copyright © 2014 Chris McMullen

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10 comments on “The Value of Your Book

  1. You always have such great blogs! Be sure not to erase any cuz I know when I get more time I want to go back and take notes and catch up on all the ones I’ve missed being my mother’s “go fer” LOL… 😀

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