Morning Check-up for Artists


Imagination On. Check.

Motivation On. Check.

Quiet On. Check.

Distractions Off. Check.

Comfort Zone On. Check.

Eyes Ready. Check.

Mind Open. Check.

It’s a go.

Take a deep breath.

Creativity blasting off in 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0.

Let those creative juices flow.

Copyright Β© 2014 Chris McMullen

21 comments on “Morning Check-up for Artists

      • Tisn’t a Muse thing: it’s a measurable speed-of-brain problem. I use a standard measure – the speed with which I can solve a Hard Sudoku. Under six or seven minutes, and there’s a chance writing will ensue (and I am sometimes in the top 4% with regard to speed, and at my age that’s pretty cool). On other occasions, it can take 10 or 20 minutes (the brain is too fried to realize we’re in a losing battle); on rare occasions even longer: there isn’t enough CPU speed to allow creating words and plots and characters.

        My job? I show up, ready to work. Because if the brain kicks on, I want to be there, ready to use it.

        It’s kind of weird, observing yourself from the outside. Interesting, but weird.

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