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Amazon launched a new program for Kindle authors called Kindle Scout, which gives you the opportunity to publish through Kindle Press.

The program has some nice incentives:

  • $1500 advance
  • 50% royalties on e-books (25% on audio books and 20% on translations)
  • Amazon-featured marketing
  • A variety of circumstances enable easy rights reversions
  • You retain the right to publish in print

Sure, 50% is less than the 70% you can get with KDP, but you don’t get a $1500 advance with KDP and KDP is self-publishing; this is a step up.

Sure, you can sometimes get more than a $1500 advance from a traditional publisher, but 50% royalties are HUGE compared to traditional publishing.

Here are a few important notes:

  • Presently open to US authors (often, if an Amazon program is successful, they expand to the UK)
  • Currently accepting submissions for: romance, fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, thriller (visit the site and click the “Let us know” link where genres are listed to make a request)
  • Must be a complete manuscript with at least 50,000 words, never before published (if it’s been available on Smashwords or Amazon, it’s considered published)
  • Readers check out covers and Look Insides and nominate their favorites
  • You’ll need an excellent cover, title, one-liner, description, and Look Inside; it will be competitive

Learn more at the official website:

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