Return of Monster Maker Fun!

This is a fun game. There were several fun results last time. Here’s your chance to play. 🙂

Legends of Windemere

Back in April, I did something that I called the ‘Monster Maker Fun’.  I asked people to give a list of nonsense words and I turned them into monsters, items, and fictional rituals for a week. Here’s an example that was given to me by John W. Howell last time:


“A majestic horse that roams the prairie of Southliver.  Most of them are white and brown, but there have been sightings of black, red, and purple colors.  Unlike other horses, the Meagain gives off an odd glow that is stronger depending on the purity of the spirit.  They are also much more intelligent.  People have been able to communicate clearly with these animals even without a common language.  Meagains are also good problem solvers and those in captivity have been known to pick locks with their narrow tongues.  Avoid getting kicked because they have barbs on their hooves that…

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