We Had a Publishing Dream


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Who doesn’t dream of freedom?

Though no dream of freedom may be more famous than the one by Martin Luther King, Jr.

With no intention of taking away from the holiday related to King’s famous dream, I wanted to write a humble poem about another kind of freedom that has come about recently.

We had a dream of writing,

Of putting pen to paper,

Of sharing our written words with others,

Of publishing.

We had a dream of publishing,

Without fear of rejection,

Without jumping through hoops,

Without knowing the right people,

Without wasting energy on queries and proposals.

We had a dream of publishing freedom,

Where all books are given opportunity,

Where all authors have potential,

Where readers decide what is or isn’t worthy.

And then one day, several years ago,

I was shopping at Amazon,

I discovered a link to CreateSpace,

I learned about Kindle Direct Publishing,

I tried out self-publishing,

And I found that some dreams do come true.

Self-publishing brings authors together,

Connects readers with authors.

Self-publishing is open to everyone,

No matter who you are.

(And if you don’t want to publicize who you are,

You can even hide behind a pen name.)


Copyright © 2015 Chris McMullen

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