Kindle Unlimited KOLL for February, 2015

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Kindle Unlimited paid $1.41 per download read to 10% (or Amazon Prime borrow) in February, 2015.

This KOLL payment is up slightly from $1.38 in January, 2015.

The KDP Select fund was $8,000,000 for February, compared to $8,500,000 in January.

There are 3 fewer days in February than in January, which helps compensate for the difference.

The numbers held surprisingly steady. January can be a better month for Kindle sales and borrows compared to February, since many people receive new Kindles and other electronic devices that support Kindle as holiday gifts. Yet the Kindle Unlimited numbers didn’t change much from January to February.

Let’s go back to the days when it was just Amazon Prime, i.e. before Kindle Unlimited. February, 2012 paid $2.01 compared to $1.60 in January, 2012. That had been a 25% increase. In 2014, it went up from $1.93 in January to $2.24 in February, a 16% increase. It was 4% in 2013. In 2015, with Kindle Unlimited, KOLL is up a mere 2% in comparison.

Kindle Unlimited seems to be holding steadier beyond the holidays, which can be a nice compensation if sales decline after the holidays. It seems logical. If you have Kindle Unlimited, there is nothing to discourage you from reading in February, but if you’re paying for books individually, well, those holiday bills make you think about buying one more book. Those bills seem to have a smaller impact on $9.99/mo. subscriptions than on sales.

Of course, individual books and authors will see a variety of results. I’m looking at the stats for the program as a whole. Overall, Kindle Unlimited books seem to be holding fairly steady at a time when one might predict more of a drop.


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