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Reading Habits

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Please take this survey regarding your reading habits.

The more participation, the merrier. 🙂

Thank you for volunteering some of you precious time.

After you answer a question, view the results.

You can return to this survey in the future and see updated results.

Questions 1-4 allow you to select multiple answers (if relevant).

1. How do you read e-books? Select all that apply.

2. Have you subscribed to Kindle Unlimited? Select all that apply.

3. How do your kids read books? Select all that apply.

4. How you do read books? Select all that apply.


Have you already taken the following surveys?

If so, please don’t take them again. 🙂

The following questions were included with my original reading surveys a couple of weeks ago.

These questions haven’t changed, but I included them in case you missed my original survey.

5. How do you prefer to read books?

6. Where do you prefer to buy your e-books?

7. How often do you read?

8. How often do you read books from indie authors or small publishers?

Feel free to leave additional feedback in the comments section.

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