Readers & Authors: Check out Kindle Scout


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Amazon recently launched a new program called Kindle Scout.

It’s a new publishing program that involves reader input. (Currently available in the US.)

It’s a form of publishing, not self-publishing, but unlike traditional publishing:

  • $1500 advance and 50% royalties
  • Reader voting impacts consideration
  • Looking for new, copy-edited manuscripts
  • It helps to have a good cover

There is a reward for readers to get involved, too:

  • Free book. If you vote on a book that gets selected for publishing, you receive an early copy free.
  • You can vote on up to three books at a time.
  • Read a short sample to judge which books to vote for.

Note that voting doesn’t quite determine which books get published. Voting determines which books get considered.

Authors need the votes. You’re basically showing that you have some basic marketing skills to put a following together. But the votes only…

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