And the Current #1 Bestseller on Amazon Is…

Images from ShutterStock

Images from ShutterStock


Go ahead. Guess.

What kind of book do you think is currently the number one bestseller on Amazon?

  • Romance novel? Nope.
  • Fantasy novel? Nuh uh.
  • A short story? Wrong.
  • Children’s book? No.
  • How-to guide? Wrong again.
  • Suspense thriller? Not even close.

Among print books,

the number one bestseller on Amazon,


first of all is

out of stock



(would you believe?)



coloring book

(no, children’s book is still wrong!)



That’s right:

The bestselling book on Amazon right now is a coloring book for adults.


Secret Garden by Johanna Basford.

But that doesn’t mean you should rush to publish one.

I typed in “adult coloring books” in the Amazon search and it pulled up nearly 2000 matches in books.

As usual, you need to deliver good content and market effectively to stand out from the crowd.

Chris McMullen

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34 comments on “And the Current #1 Bestseller on Amazon Is…

  1. This type of book also qualifies as “gift”, as in “gift market” which is huge! So immediately, many more outlets will stock and sell across the board (outside of Amazon) which will then drive up the demand for the book even further, and everywhere. Unfortunately, the gift publishing market has always been a big competition to traditional books, especially for shelf space. The sales agency I worked for went into the gift market in a big way, because that’s where they made all their money. It’s also why so many indie bookstores have been stocking and selling gift merchandise. So no surprise at all to me.

  2. I received a colouring book & pencils for Christmas. It’s very relaxing to do, you just switch the brain off and enjoy a childish pleasure! It seems to becoming ‘fashionable too’ so I can understand the Amazon success.

  3. I love to color! Years ago, there were books of printed geometric patterns and dependent upon how you colored them, one design could be so drastically different – me and 3 of my 20 something friends used to have ‘coloring parties’ while we shared the ‘how many shades of blue can you really get in markers’ big arse pack! πŸ™‚

      • Well, since it’s an adult coloring party, we did have wine, cheese and crackers carpet picnic – but we laid on the floor, markers, wine, and cheese platter in the middle ( so every one could reach what was needed) – but OH! I completely ‘get’ why an adult coloring book is selling! πŸ™‚ Thanks for triggering the fond memory!

  4. Lol! Seriously??? Who buys this stuff??? Maybe I’ll create a colouring book 50 Shades style… is that adult enough? Next year, I’ll be a millionaire, Rodney!!!

  5. Interesting, unexpected, and understandable if you think about it. It’s a distraction and artistic for even those with little training in art. It takes people back to their childhood which might have been a much happier time than they’re experiencing now. I dearly loved coloring books when I was a child. πŸ™‚

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